Movement and Learning

The group investigates how movement and physical activity impact the functioning of the brain in children, young people and adults.



The main focus of our work is on learning in the context of motor performance, academic performance and cognitive skills.

The group meets regularly to discuss new evidence and knowledge in the field of movement and learning. As a result, we constantly develop exciting new ideas for research projects.

We strive to ensure that our projects bring the highest possible value to the scientific community as well as the general public.



We implement randomised controlled trials to understand the general effects of physical activity before and after training or learning. We also study the effects of movements as they are integrated within training or learning activities. Our projects include both short and long term interventions and are conducted in laboratories and in the field (for example in schools).  

We apply various methodology to assess motor and cognitive functioning as well as academic performance. We also use neurophysiological measures such as electroencephalography (EEG) for brain activity and electromyography for muscle activity.


Research projects

Members of research group

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Andreas Wulff-Abramsson Special Consultant +4535336361 E-mail
August Lomholt Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535324879 E-mail
Jacob Wienecke Associate Professor +4535327346 E-mail
Jesper Lundbye-Jensen Associate Professor, Head of Section +4535327330 E-mail
Johannes Nyled Madsen Instructor   E-mail
Pia Grethe Sandfeld Melcher PhD Fellow +4535327235 E-mail
Rasmus Ahmt Hansen Research Assistant   E-mail