Sport, Individual & Society

The primary research aim of the unit lies in sport promotion. The unit therefore focuses upon ensuring meaningful experiences of being active, together with creating opportunities that can accommodate vulnerable target groups so that the general population increases its participation in physical activity.

We examine, develop and implement a variety of movement cultures, as well as informing partners, stakeholders and participants about their benefits. Our research contributes to the wider understanding about the significance of sport and exercise over time and to create a basis for visionary possibilities in the future. We emphasize both the broader health aspects of sport and exercise, as well as the potential for sport to engender amusement, pleasure, and personal freedom.

We work toward the development of socially inclusive communities and equality for all in sport and exercise. We do this via the application of a problem oriented approach with significant impact that can make a positive difference for the general public, including all demographic and age groups.

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Embodiment, Learning and Social Change aims to analyse, document and create processes of change in relation to body, learning and social development in diverse contexts. We illustrate the body and the importance of movement for joy, learning, community, identity development and professional competence.

The subject is anchored in a holistic understanding of the body, which includes the physical, emotional, social and cultural development dimensions of the bodily learning.

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