Sport, Individual & Society

The primary research aim of the unit lies in sport promotion. The section therefore focuses upon ensuring meaningful experiences of being active, together with creating opportunities that can accommodate vulnerable target groups so that the general population increases its participation in physical activity.



We examine, develop and implement a variety of movement cultures, as well as informing partners, stakeholders and participants about their benefits.

Our research contributes to the wider understanding about the significance of sport and exercise over time and to create a basis for visionary possibilities in the future.

We emphasize both the broader health aspects of sport and exercise, as well as the potential for sport to engender amusement, pleasure, and personal freedom.

We work toward the development of socially inclusive communities and equality for all in sport and exercise. We do this via the application of a problem oriented approach with significant impact that can make a positive difference for the general public, including all demographic and age groups.



The section explores the human and social science of sport, body, and movement as cultural phenomena and as spaces for learning and creating identities.

The section has two central research perspectives: The historical and sociological research and the psychology and educational studies. In addition to this, coaching and coaching psychology is a central focus area in the section.

Moreover, interdisciplinary designed studies using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are part of the work of the research group.

Furthermore, the group's research is closely tied to that of professional praxis and the development of education and training at different levels, such as consultant work, organisational development, politics, and all levels of education.

The members of the unit strive towards close cooperation with the surrounding community through dissemination, research, and development projects.


These years there is a growing societal attention to the cultural, social, and health related significance and potentials of sport.

Research is carried out in a historical and sociological as well as national and international perspective on the continuously growing significance of sport in the modern welfare society, especially concerning the areas of health politics (e.g. sport’s potentials in health promotion and prevention), social politics (e.g. sport as means of integration concerning certain sections of the population), and cultural politics (e.g. sport’s significance in regards to the cohesive energy of society). 


In Psychology and Educational Studies we explore how a greater focus on creativity, sensuality, emotionality, and social interaction can give modern human beings a broader base to manage an increasingly complex and demanding daily life.

The section put special emphasis on the body, innovation, and creativity in different forms of experience-based learning processes and in different learning environments (e.g. education, training, consulting, and therapy). 


Coaching is a term associated with the sports world, but in recent years it has also become one of the world's fastest growing industries.

Coaching is defined here as the participation in and facilitation of an individual or group's learning and developmental process.

Coaching and coaching psychology have become prominent tools for the individual’s personal and professional learning, development, well-being, stress-prevention, and health promotion.



Head of section: Associate professor Laila Ottesen

Section Secretary: Helle Rudolph Jensen

Postal address
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Section for Sport, Individual & Society
Nørre Allé 51
DK 2200 Copenhagen N

Visiting address
Section for Sport, Individual & Society
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Nørre Allé 55
DK 2200 Copenhagen N

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Section members

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Adam B. Evans Associate Professor +4535331336 E-mail
Adam Steen Malmkjær Rønlund PhD Student +4535330702 E-mail
Andorra Lynn Jensen PhD Student +4535322429 E-mail
Anna Stage Hansen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Anne Sofie Lund Tannebek PhD Student +4522957417 E-mail
Charlotte Geer Grumsen Academic Officer +4593565983 E-mail
Charlotte Svendler Nielsen Associate Professor +4535320830 E-mail
Else Trangbæk Professor Emeritus +4540442746 E-mail
Georgia Emily Clay PhD Student   E-mail
Glen Nielsen Associate Professor +4535320869 E-mail
Hans Bonde Professor +4535320862 E-mail
Helle Rudolph Jensen Section Secretary +4535334039 E-mail
Helle Winther Associate Professor +4535320806 E-mail
Katarina Sigurdsdóttir Lamhauge Research Assistant   E-mail
Kim Baltzer Skovholm Special Consultant +4535324985 E-mail
Laila Ottesen Associate Professor, Head of Section +4535321741 E-mail
Laura Wilcock PhD Student   E-mail
Lillan Madsen Associate Professor Emeritus +4535320865 E-mail
Lotte Tranekær Nielsen Academic Officer +4535329493 E-mail
Luca Laezza Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Maise Johansen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Maria Hybholt Assistant Professor +4535320840 E-mail
Michelle Sandra Blagdon Lindop Teacher   E-mail
Mikkel Sørensen Teaching Associate Professor +4535320802 E-mail
Morten K. Grubbe Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535321548 E-mail
Paulina Sander Melby PhD Student +4527266039 E-mail
Peter Elsborg Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Reinhard Stelter Professor +4535320866 E-mail
Signe Engdal PhD Fellow +4535336232 E-mail
Signe Rosengreen Holmenlund Academic Officer +4535332593 E-mail
Steen Ingemann Jørgensen PhD Student   E-mail
Stefano De Dominicis Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535326016 E-mail
Stine Frydendal Assistant Professor +4535321742 E-mail
Ulrik Wagner Associate Professor +4535321511 E-mail
Victor Thorvald Haurholm Student +4535321307 E-mail