The August Krogh Section for Human Physiology

The August Krogh Section for Human Physiology conducts research in the areas of basal human physiology and exercise physiology with a focus on cardiovascular- and skeletal muscle physiology.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of cutting-edge research in human physiology.




Our current research covers the molecular regulation of cardiovascular and muscular function and growth with strong links to health, performance and anti-doping. Important areas in focus are also communication between skeletal muscle, blood vessels and the blood, as well as individual physiological diversity and sex differences.

The main aim of the section is to provide groundbreaking knowledge in the area of physiological function and health. For this purpose we use a multitude of advanced invasive and non-invasive methods in humans as well as human cells.



The August Krogh Section for Human Physiology conducts research into basal human physiology but also determines how the body is affected by inactivity, acute exercise, exercise training, pharmacological treatments and exposure to varying environmental conditions, such as altitude and heat. A particular focus lies on cardiac, vascular and skeletal muscle tissue. The research encompasses physiological mechanisms from the molecular level to whole body integrative physiology and with an emphasis on conducting studies which can be used by men and women of all ages, healthy individuals, sports participants as well as patients.

The human intervention trials conducted by the section are unique in the world. In these trials, a combination of advanced methods and techniques within physiology, cell- and molecular biology are used to study isolated and whole body, integrative effects of physical inactivity and activity as well as other interventions. Examinations include evaluation of muscle metabolism, cardiac function, capillary growth blood flow, insulin sensitivity, ion transport, blood constituents and blood volume.

In addition, the section conducts studies on elite athletes, to improve the understanding of how physical activity affects human physiology but also for practical recommendations on training for elite performance and for the detection of doping.

The section collaborates extensively with national and international research groups, clinical departments, sports organizations and industry.


Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Andrea Di Credico Guest Researcher   E-mail
Andrea Sofia Tamariz-Ellemann PhD Fellow +4535320876 E-mail
Andreas H. Breenfeldt Andersen Postdoc +4535334169 E-mail
Camilla Collin Hansen Postdoc +4535334237 E-mail
Christian Kalsen Petersen Student +4535323814 E-mail
Frank Dyrehauge Thøgersen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Hannah Grace Caldwell PhD Student   E-mail
Jacob Bejder Assistant Professor +4535334240 E-mail
Jakob Solgaard Jensen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Jan Sommer Jeppesen PhD Fellow +4535325869 E-mail
Jens Bangsbo Head of Centre, Professor +4535321623 E-mail
Jens Jung Nielsen Academic Staff +4535321574 E-mail
Jonathan Graae Andreasen PhD Fellow +4535325093 E-mail
Karina Olsen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535321608 E-mail
Kate Aiko Wickham Special Consultant +4535325344 E-mail
Lasse Gliemann Associate Professor +4535321632 E-mail
Lei Ai Guest Researcher   E-mail
Line Boel Nørregaard PhD Fellow +4535326646 E-mail
Lukas Moesgaard Research Assistant   E-mail
Marcos Paulo Rocha Alves PhD Fellow   E-mail
Maria Gemma Martinez Rubio Kroos Academic Staff +4535321556 E-mail
Martin Thomassen Academic Staff +4535321594 E-mail
Meaghan Elizabeth Spedden PhD Student   E-mail
Morten Hostrup Associate Professor +4535321595 E-mail
Morten K. Grubbe Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535321548 E-mail
Sara Amalie Solheim Visitor   E-mail
Sophie Møller Postdoc +4535330982 E-mail
Søren Kaare Jessen Research Assistant +4535326685 E-mail
Thibaux Firmin F Van der Stede PhD Student   E-mail
Thomas Christian Bonne Academic Officer +4535321603 E-mail
Thomas Svare Ehlers Research Assistant +4535334316 E-mail
Torur Sjurdarson PhD Student   E-mail
Ylva Hellsten Professor, Head of Section +4535321616 E-mail