The August Krogh Section for Human Physiology

The August Krogh Section for Human Physiology conducts research in the area of exercise and training physiology, with a primary focus on cardiovascular physiology, muscle physiology and neurophysiology.


Current projects cover aspects of motor and cognitive learning, optimising performance, anti-doping, the effect of physical activity, ageing and lifestyle related disease on cardiovascular and skeletal muscle function.

The section applies a broad range of advanced methods, including both non-invasive and invasive measurements of the cardiovascular system, skeletal muscle and brain of humans, as well as studies on cell and animal models.



The overall research theme of the section is human exercise and training physiology. In particular, the section studies the effects of exercise on the brain, heart, circulation, muscles and bones. The focus is on physiological mechanisms and on conducting studies of relevance to healthy people of all ages, sports professionals and patients.

The section performs complex human trials, and uses physiological and molecular biological techniques to study the integrated and isolated effects of physical activity and training. The investigations include among other things evaluations of motor function, muscle metabolism, cardiovascular regulation, capillary growth, insulin sensitivity, ion transport, performance, fatigue, muscle activation, thermoregulation and bone mineral density. Pharmacological interventions are often employed. Also, animal and cell culture models are used.

Currently, a particular focus lies on the importance of physical activity for women, before and after menopause, as well as the health-enhancing effect of ball games and other sports for different target groups, ranging from children to the elderly. Furthermore, the section has a strong focus on the physiology of elite athletes from a basic research and application-oriented perspective, as well as the development of physiologically based methods for detecting doping in sport.


Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Andreas H. Breenfeldt Andersen Postdoc +4535334169 E-mail
Anne Mi Svarrer Special Consultant +4522102249 E-mail
Camilla Collin Hansen Postdoc +4535334237 E-mail
Charlotte Geer Grumsen Academic Officer +4535325325 E-mail
Hannah Grace Caldwell PhD Student   E-mail
Jacob Bejder Assistant Professor +4535334240 E-mail
Jan Sommer Jeppesen PhD Fellow +4535325869 E-mail
Jennifer van der Horst PhD Fellow   E-mail
Jens Bangsbo Head of Centre, Professor +4535321623 E-mail
Jens Jung Nielsen Academic Staff +4535321574 E-mail
Jonathan Graae Andreasen PhD Fellow +4535325093 E-mail
Karina Olsen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535321608 E-mail
Kasper Tackmann Eibye PhD Student +4535333990 E-mail
Kate Aiko Wickham Research Assistant +4535325344 E-mail
Kim Skovholm Special Consultant +4535324985 E-mail
Lasse Gliemann Associate Professor +4535321632 E-mail
Lei Ai Guest Researcher   E-mail
Line Boel Nørregaard PhD Fellow +4535326646 E-mail
Lukas Moesgaard Research Assistant   E-mail
Marcos Paulo Rocha Alves Research Assistant   E-mail
Maria Gemma Martinez Rubio Kroos Academic Staff +4535321556 E-mail
Martin Thomassen Academic Staff +4535321594 E-mail
Matteo Fiorenza Guest Researcher +4535335603 E-mail
Mikkel Malling Beck PhD Student   E-mail
Morten Hostrup Associate Professor +4535321595 E-mail
Signe Rosengreen Holmenlund Academic Officer +4535332593 E-mail
Sophie Møller Postdoc +4535330982 E-mail
Søren Kaare Jessen Research Assistant +4535326685 E-mail
Thibaux Firmin F Van der Stede PhD Student   E-mail
Thomas Christian Bonne Academic Officer +4535321603 E-mail
Thomas Svare Ehlers Research Assistant +4535334316 E-mail
Torur Sjurdarson PhD Student   E-mail
Ylva Hellsten Professor, Head of Section +4535321616 E-mail