Jacob Wienecke

Jacob Wienecke

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    My research focuses on movement and learning. Together with my research group, we conduct experiments in the field and in the laboratory. Field studies often examine applied designs, while laboratory experiments are more reduced in setup (in relation to the movement complexity) but investigate mechanisms that can explain the connections between movement and learning. Our strength lies in our creativity and ability to develop interdisciplinary intervention studies with children and adults, and we have a large network of national and international partners.

    Field studies are often school-based intervention studies (RCT designs), where we investigate if and how movement, cognitive abilities, and learning are related. The interventions are inherently exciting and playful, ensuring that attention is best maintained on the task/tasks.

    In laboratory studies, we work with experimental setups to examine mechanisms underlying the connections between movement and learning. Here, we usually use EEG measurements to assess brain activity.

    Ongoing and previous projects:


    PLAYMORE - Play-based motor-cognitive training for improved reading

    Basketballmathematics in the school

    Math learnedbest when children move

    LIFESKILLS projects



    I teach in the following subjects in the bachelor and master programme:



    Motor Learning,


    Adapted sport and physical activity,

    Talent development




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