Movement and Neuroscience

The focus of the section is integrative physiological research addressing questions relating to human motor performance and health across the lifespan.


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Motor control & Neuroplasticity

A main focus of the section is on Motor control and neuroplasticity. The research in human motor control and neurophysiology aims to increase the basic understanding of mechanisms involved in human motor control and the interaction between neurophysiology and behavior.

The research additionally aims to understand mechanisms of neuroplasticity involved in human motor learning and to develop strategies to improve motor performance and health.

Finally, it is an explicit aim of the research to investigate control mechanisms and adaptations across the human lifespan and interactions with physical activity and exercise.

Movement & Learning

A second main focus of the section is on Movement & Learning. In this line of research, we focus on processes of movement and cognition primarily in children, young individuals and adults.

We focus on motor skills in children, processes involved in motor learning, role of movement for cognitive functions and effects of physically active or embodied learning on academic performance and learning.

As such, the research spans across motor control, neurophysiology, human movement sciences and cognitive psychology with a main focus on movement skills, cognitive functions and academic performance.

Exercise & Performance

A third main focus of the section is on Exercise and human Performance. The research in human exercise performance aims to determine mechanisms of decisive importance for individual physical capacity.

A special focus is on environmental stressors such as altitude and heat. Pharmacological and ergogenic manipulations are applied to increase basic understanding of human performance and at the same time develop new and efficient strategies for anti-doping purposes.



Head of section: Associate Professor Jesper Lundbye-Jensen

Section Research Coordinator: Jacob Feder Piil

Section for Movement and Neuroscience
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Nørre Allé 51
DK 2200 Copenhagen

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Section members

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Andreas Wulff-Abramsson Special Consultant +4535336361 E-mail
Anke Ninija Karabanov Associate Professor +4535328039 E-mail
August Lomholt Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535324879 E-mail
Ditte Haagerup Research Assistant +4535332539 E-mail
Hjalte Riis Research Assistant   E-mail
Jacob Feder Piil Special Consultant   E-mail
Jacob Wienecke Associate Professor +4535327346 E-mail
Jesper Lundbye-Jensen Associate Professor, Head of Section +4535327330 E-mail
Jonas Rud Bjørndal PhD Fellow +4535321587 E-mail
Lars Nybo Professor +4535321620 E-mail
Lasse Jespersen PhD Fellow +4535326133 E-mail
Lise Sohl Jeppesen PhD Student +4535321537 E-mail
Magnus Bak Klaris Research Assistant   E-mail
Mikael Novén Postdoc +4535333776 E-mail
Peter Christian Raffalt Associate Professor   E-mail
Pia Grethe Sandfeld Melcher PhD Fellow +4535327235 E-mail
Rasmus Ahmt Hansen Research Assistant   E-mail
Tobias Buk Jørgensen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail

PhD fellow Keenie Ayla Andersen,