Movement and Neuroscience

Fotograf: Mikal Schlosser


The focus of the section is integrative physiological research addressing questions relating to human motor performance and health across the lifespan.



Motor control and neurophysiology

The main focus of the section is on Motor control and neurophysiology. The research in human motor control and neurophysiology aims to increase the basic understanding of mechanisms involved in human motor control and the interaction between neurophysiology and behaviour.

The research additionally aims to understand mechanisms involved in human motor learning and to develop strategies to improve motor performance and health. Finally, it is an explicit aim of the research to elucidate how control mechanisms and adaptations interact with physical activity and aging.

Human Performance

One main focus of the research group is on Human Performance. The research in human exercise performance aims to determine mechanisms of decisive importance for individual physical capacity.

A special focus is on environmental stressors such as altitude and heat. Pharmacological and ergogenic manipulations are applied to increase basic understanding of human performance and at the same time develop new and efficient strategies for anti-doping purposes.