Nutrition and Health

Our mission is to understand how better and more sustainable nutrition can optimize human health and prevent disease.

Research Groups

The section conducts high-quality research on the effects of nutrients, foods and diets in humans in different lifestages and metabolic conditions.

The aim is to improve public health and wellbeing, prevent disease and advance our understanding of nutritional issues and underlying mechanisms.

Our three research groups together provide a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to nutrition research and education.

The section carries out randomized controlled trials and cohort studies in humans with emphasis on nutrition and health.

Our research

  • relates to all lifestages, from pre-pregnancy to old age
  • includes healthy, at-risk and sick humans
  • includes humans with undernutrition, overweight and obesity and the associated metabolic phenotypes





  • Metabolomics
  • Biobank
  • Kitchen
  • Child examination 
  • Human intervention test facilities
  • Clinical tests
  • Surveys
  • Blood











The section offers courses at the following educations

BA level

  • Food Science and Nutrition (Fødevarer og Ernæring – website in Danish)
    Food Science is offered through a collaboration between the Department of Food Science, the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Food).

MSC level

Phd level

The section also teach at PhD courses and other courses.

See the full list of PhD courses offered by the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports.



Head of section: Professor Susanne Gjedsted Bügel

Section Secretary: Geske Louise Rune

Visiting address
Section for Nutrition and Health
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Rolighedsvej 26
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C

Map of Frederiksberg Campus

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Section members

Nutrition section

Name Title Phone E-mail
Søg i Name Søg i Title Søg i Phone
Adam Duun Gottlieb Research Assistant   E-mail
Ahmed Mamdouh Moustafa K Gaafar PhD Fellow +4535327224 E-mail
Alexandr Parlesak Academic Staff +4535323120 E-mail
Anders Daniel Andersen Special Consultant +4535325970 E-mail
Anders Mikael Sjödin Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Ann Bech Roskjær PhD Student +4535326279 E-mail
Anna Gro Eilersen PhD Fellow +4535329906 E-mail
Anne Marie Raabyemagle Nutrition Consultant +4535332486 E-mail
Anne Raben Professor +4535333653 E-mail
Anne Vedelsdal Aurup PhD Fellow +4535333223 E-mail
Annette Vedelspang Nutrition Consultant +4535334616 E-mail
Anni Larnkjær Academic Staff +4535333548 E-mail
Bat-El Menadeva Karpantschof Academic Officer +4535334504 E-mail
Beakal Zinab Tefera PhD Student   E-mail
Beatriz Philippi Rosane PhD Fellow +4535329842 E-mail
Benedikte Grenov Associate Professor +4520456654 E-mail
Bente Johanna Gehm Student +4535331931 E-mail
Bikila Soboka Megersa External Postdoc   E-mail
Camilla Trab Damsgaard Associate Professor +4535332221 E-mail
Cassandra Maya Guest Researcher +4535327304 E-mail
Catalina Sinziana Cuparencu Assistant Professor   E-mail
Cecilie Holm Rasmussen PhD Fellow +4535335827 E-mail
Christian Leo Hansen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Christian Mølgaard Professor +4535332516 E-mail
Christina Lund Sahl Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535330168 E-mail
Christina Sonne Mogensen PhD Fellow +4535333284 E-mail
Christine Højte Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Daniel Borch Ibsen Guest Researcher   E-mail
David Samuel Ludwig Visiting Professor +4535331211 E-mail
Emilie Kongsgaard Bertelsen Student FU   E-mail
Emily Louise Hansen Stanley Research Assistant +4535333571 E-mail
Esben Herborg Henriksen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Eva Leedo-Townend Special Consultant +4535333568 E-mail
Faidon Magkos Professor +4535333671 E-mail
Finn Sandø-Pedersen IT Consultant +4535331479 E-mail
Francesca Bucci PhD Fellow +4535335503 E-mail
Frederik Holmegaard Jensen PhD Fellow +4535329622 E-mail
Getu Gizaw Haile PhD Student   E-mail
Giorgia La Barbera Assistant Professor   E-mail
Gladys Stolberg-Mathieu PhD Fellow +4535334217 E-mail
Gulshan Ara PhD Student   E-mail
Hanne Lysdal Petersen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535331088 E-mail
Henrik Friis Professor +4535333860 E-mail
Henrik Munch Roager Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535324928 E-mail
Inge Birgit Rasmussen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332214 E-mail
Inge Tetens Professor +4535332127 E-mail
Jack Ivor Lewis Research Assistant +4535335314 E-mail
Jan Stanstrup Assistant Professor +4535332859 E-mail
Jane Guldborg Jørgensen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332472 E-mail
Jannie Wittrup Jensen Research Assistant   E-mail
Jens Rikardt Andersen Associate Professor +4535332504 E-mail
John Gargul Lind Laboratory Technician. +4535332480 E-mail
Julie Gay Stiboldt Sørensen Visiting Student   E-mail
Julie Margaret Williams Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535336921 E-mail
Kaj Winther Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Karla Luise Lincoln Teaching Assistant +4535335414 E-mail
Karoline Sandby PhD Student +4535323377 E-mail
Kaspar Lohmann Research Assistant +4535334751 E-mail
Kim F. Michaelsen Professor Emeritus +4535332495 E-mail
Kirstine Joo Cridland Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332975 E-mail
Klara Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535321549 E-mail
Kristine Marie Kristensen Research Assistant +4535328867 E-mail
Lars Ove Dragsted Professor +4535332694 E-mail
Lea Ellen Matthiessen PhD Fellow +4535331227 E-mail
Line Kattai Ulrikkeholm Academic Officer +4535328498 E-mail
Lotte Lauritzen Professor +4535332508 E-mail
Mads Pihl Thomsen Student FU   E-mail
Mahsa Jalili Assistant Professor +4535332653 E-mail
Malene Nygaard PhD Fellow +4535320266 E-mail
Malene Skriver-Bayer Project Officer +4535331972 E-mail
Malte Studnitz Jørgensen PhD Fellow +4535328985 E-mail
Mette Frahm Olsen Associate Professor +4528340979 E-mail
Nanna Roos Associate Professor +4535332497 E-mail
Navodita Malla Postdoc +4535326525 E-mail
Negar Chahibakhsh Visiting Student   E-mail
Nicola Procházková Postdoc +4535320472 E-mail
Ottavia Giampaoli Visiting Student   E-mail
Rahma Ali Abagero PhD Student   E-mail
Rolland Mutumba PhD Student   E-mail
Sabina Stoffer Hjorth Andersen Enrolled PhD Student +4535336362 E-mail
Signe Lücke Pedersen Research Assistant   E-mail
Sofie Skov Frost Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535320255 E-mail
Sophie Hilario Christensen Postdoc +4535336691 E-mail
Steen Stender Affiliate Professor +4535333162 E-mail
Susanne Gjedsted Bügel Professor, Head of Section +4535332490 E-mail
Søren Andresen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332468 E-mail
Tele Chepkoros Boit PhD Fellow +4535334979 E-mail
Tenna Mie Christoffersen Industrial PhD   E-mail