Exercise and Performance

The cross-sectional research group covers a broad interest in motor-cognitive performance (acknowledging that with the exception of pure philosophy or spinal reflexes, there is always interplay between the brain and the body).

Max test


The interest in performance range from research projects investigating prolonged endurance, resistance to fatigue and its interaction with the environment to short-term neuro-muscular power and its importance for athletic/explosive movements to so-called cognitively dominated tasks.

Projects within the exercise, endurance and environment area especially focus on parameters of importance for arterial oxygen delivery. This includes special interest in the interaction between cardiovascular function, regulation of blood volume and its adaptation to training or acclimatization.

The power and force-velocity profiling research especially focus on how improved testing or training may benefit performance or the ability to predict/benchmark key performance indicators in intermittent sports.

The group also aim at continuous development of “motor-cognitive tests” for improved assessment of sport specific performance or evaluation of fatigue in occupational settings – allowing for better understanding of the physiological factors of importance – often in cross-disciplinary projects and collaboration with sciences beyond exercise physiology.


Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
August Lomholt Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535324879 E-mail
Claes Høgh Cubel PhD Fellow   E-mail
Jacob Bejder Assistant Professor +4535334240 E-mail
Jacob Feder Piil Special Consultant   E-mail
Jesper Lundbye-Jensen Associate Professor, Head of Section +4535327330 E-mail
Jonathan Graae Andreasen PhD Fellow +4535325093 E-mail
Lars Nybo Professor +4535321620 E-mail
Mads Fischer Postdoc +4535335172 E-mail
Nikolai Baastrup Nordsborg Head of Department +4535321612 E-mail
Thomas Christian Bonne Special Consultant +4535321603 E-mail