Christian Mølgaard

Christian Mølgaard


Born 26 June 1955, married 3 adult children

Nationality: Danish

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5311-9457



1997 Ph.D. from Faculty of Health, University of Copenhagen (UC), Denmark.

1988 Permission for independent practice as a medical doctor

1981 MD, graduated January, University of Aarhus, Denmark


Research positions 1992-now:

  • Jul 2015- now: professor in preventive and clinical pediatric nutrition, NEXS
  • Jul 2015- now: Head of section, Pediatric and International Nutrition, NEXS
  • Mar 2018-feb 2023: Adjunct professor, Clinical Institute, University of Southern Denmark
  • Apr 2010 – Mar 2017: Part time professor mso in pediatrics at HCA Research, SDU
  • Sep 2012 – Dec 2016: Deputy Head of Research, NEXS.
  • Feb 1998 – Jun 2015: Associate professor, NEXS
  • Jan 1996 – Jan 1998: Assistant research professor, NEXS

Aug 1992 – Dec 1995: Research assistant, NEXS

Clinical positions 1982-1992:

  • Different hospital departments including Pediatrics (47 months)
  • 2002- now: Medical consultant (speciallæge konsulent) ,Paediatric Nutrition Unit, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.


Research management and collaboration:

  • During the past more than 25 years numerous observation- and intervention studies involving children and teenagers. Earlier principal investigator for a Danish interventions study in the OPTIFORD project funded by the EU and project-leader (for WP4 Human trial 1) in the project ’Tailored milk’ funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF) and the Danish Dairy Foundation. WP-leader in two research projects ProbiComp (2013-2019) and HAPFAM (start 2014-2022), funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research. See following selected projects.
  • Furthermore, involved in Governing Obesity (WP2 “Early interventions to reduce obesity later in life” Chaired by WP Kim F Michaelsen, financed by 2016-KU) and the CHAMPS study, DK (”The Childhood Health Activity and Motor Performance School study, Denmark or “Svendborg-studiet” led by researchers from University of Southern Denmark).

Research areas

  • 1) Nutrition in infancy, childhood and adolescence. 2) Bone mineralization and body composition in children and adolescents. 3) Glucose and insulin metabolism in infancy, childhood and adolescence. 4) Obesity in infancy, childhood and adolescence. 5) Malnutrition in low-income countries.



List, in reverse chronological order.

  • Generation Healthy Kids. Prevention of overweight and obesity among school-aged children, 2022-2026.

Grant: Total 80 M DKK from Novo Nordic Foundation to three research institutions (Clinical responsible).

  • MILQ/EMILQ – Mothers, Infants and Lactation Quality: A Multicenter Collaborative Study, 2017-2024 (Co-investigator)

Grant: 6.7 + 2.8 M DKK, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Magnus – The role of milk protein and whey permeate in the growth and development of stunted children: a randomized controlled trial in Eastern Uganda, 2020-2023. (Co-investigator)

Grant: 5 M DKK, Arla Food for Health

  • D-pro - Effects of milk protein and vitamin D on children’s growth and health, 2019-2022 (One of two PI)

Grant: 6.3 M DKK, Arla Food for Health.

  • FiSK (Fish, children, health and cognition), 2016-2019 (Project owner)

Grant: 18 M DKK, Nordea-fonden.

  • ODIN Junior, WP4: Vitamin D trial in 4-8 year-old children, 2013-2017 (PI)

Grant: 3.1 M DKK, EU-commission


Supervisor or co-supervisor of PhD students

Finished PhD thesis: 26. Ongoing PhD studies: 7.

Member of PhD assessment committees: 28.


Some selected appointments:
Member of the National Danish Exercise and Nutrition Council (NDENC) 2005 – 2008 (31/7).

Member of The Danish Council on Health and Disease Prevention from June 2011- 2018.

Member of ESPGHAN (European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepartology and Nutrition) Committee on Nutrition from November 2012 – 2018.



Total number of publication: 430+

Number of publications in peer reviewed journals: 260+

Web of Science: h-index: 53 (April 2023) Google Scholar: h-index 72 (April 2023)


ID: 920874