Nutrition, Microbiome and Metabolomics

Our mission is to study the impact of diets and foods on digestion, gut microbiome and metabolism, develop biomarkers, and accelerate precision nutrition strategies, thereby advancing nutrition for improvement of health and wellbeing.


  1. Studying personal responses to diets and foods through omics-analyses.
  2. Developing biomarkers of diets, foods, gut microbes, and diseases.
  3. Understanding diet-microbiome-host interactions and metabolism.
  4. Improving nutritional strategies for patients.



Our methodologies include:

  • Innovative dietary interventions and cohort studies.
  • Microbiome-focused nutritional interventions
  • Hospital-based nutritional interventions.
  • Targeted and untargeted metabolomics and adductomics.
  • Advanced data integration, analyses and sharing.



We collaborate with leading clinical, microbiome and metabolomics researchers and experts in microbiology, immunology and intestinal host receptors. 



We are responsible for several courses.

You can read more about our bachelor and master courses by looking them up in the course catalogue for University of Copenhagen.

Bachelor courses

  • Basic Statistics in Sport Science (NNEB15001U)

Master courses

  • Advanced Nutrition Physiology (NNEK23001U)
  • Bioactive Food Components and Health (NNEK16003U)
  • Gut Microbiome in Nutrition and Health (NNEK21003U)
  • Metabolomics (NNEK22001U)
  • Clinical Nutrition and Pathophysiology (NNEK23007U)

PhD Courses

  • Introduction to Nutritional Metabolomics
  • Good Clinical Practice


Research areas

Members of research group

Research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Adam Duun Gottlieb Research Assistant   E-mail
Ahmed Mamdouh Moustafa K Gaafar PhD Fellow +4535327224 E-mail
Ann Bech Roskjær PhD Student +4535326279 E-mail
Catalina Sinziana Cuparencu Assistant Professor   E-mail
Daniel Borch Ibsen Guest Researcher   E-mail
Finn Sandø-Pedersen IT Consultant +4535331479 E-mail
Giorgia La Barbera Assistant Professor   E-mail
Gladys Thingstrup Mathieu PhD Fellow +4535334217 E-mail
Henrik Munch Roager Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535324928 E-mail
Jan Stanstrup Postdoc +4535332859 E-mail
Jens Rikardt Andersen Associate Professor +4535332504 E-mail
Kaj Winther Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Klara Nielsen PhD Fellow +4535321549 E-mail
Lars Ove Dragsted Professor +4535332694 E-mail
Mahsa Jalili Assistant Professor +4535332653 E-mail
Malte Studnitz Jørgensen PhD Fellow +4535328985 E-mail
Nicola Procházková Postdoc +4535320472 E-mail
Steen Stender Affiliate Professor +4535333162 E-mail