Sustainable Nutrition and Health

We explore and develop sustainable dietary solutions for preventing nutrient-related diseases and contribute to global strategies in the areas of clinic and public health nutrition for addressing malnutrition in all its forms.

Our vision is to shape a healthy, nutritious, and sustainable future through impactful research and sustainable dietary innovations.


  • Sustainable dietary solutions for maintenance of health and functional outcomes
  • Dietary transition in food insecure and underserved settings
  • Malnutrition in low-income settings
  • Sustainable diets in relation to obesity and non-communicable diseases







  • Intervention trials
  • Cross sectional studies
  • Cohort studies
  • Surveys
  • Modelling work
  • Dietary assessments



We are responsible for several courses.

You can read more about our bachelor and master courses by looking them up in the course catalogue for University of Copenhagen.

Bachelor courses

  • Food Production, Society and Health (NFOB15014U)
  • Food Manufacturing and Nutrition (NFOB15006U)
  • Introduction to Human Nutrition (NNEB16000U)
  • Study Design in Human Nutrition + business projects

Master courses

  • Advanced Nutrition Physiology and Metabolism (NNEK23001U)
  • Tools and Techniques in Nutrition Research (NNEK23002U)
  • Lifecourse Nutrition and Health (NNEK23004U)
  • Diet and Physical Activity in Prevention and Treatment of Disease (NNEK23005U)
  • Study design in human nutrition (NNEK23006U)
  • Project in Practice in Human Nutrition (NNEK20008U)
  • Sustainable Food Systems & Diets (NNEK20003U)
  • Public Health Nutrition at the National and International level

PhD Courses

  • Interactions between nutrition and exercise: health-promoting effects across the life span


Research areas

Members of research group

Sustainable group

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Alexandr Parlesak Academic Staff +4535323120 E-mail
Anne Marie Raabyemagle Nutrition Consultant +4535332486 E-mail
Anne Raben Professor +4535333653 E-mail
Beakal Zinab Tefera PhD Student   E-mail
Beatriz Philippi Rosane PhD Fellow +4535329842 E-mail
Benedikte Grenov Associate Professor +4520456654 E-mail
Christian Leo Hansen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Christine Højte Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Esben Herborg Henriksen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Getu Gizaw Haile PhD Student   E-mail
Gulshan Ara PhD Student   E-mail
Hanne Lysdal Petersen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535331088 E-mail
Henrik Friis Professor +4535333860 E-mail
Inge Tetens Professor +4535332127 E-mail
Lea Ellen Matthiessen PhD Fellow +4535331227 E-mail
Mette Frahm Olsen Associate Professor +4528340979 E-mail
Nanna Roos Associate Professor +4535332497 E-mail
Navodita Malla Postdoc +4535326525 E-mail
Rahma Ali Abagero PhD Student   E-mail
Rolland Mutumba PhD Student   E-mail
Sofie Schultz Pedersen Student FU +4535337681 E-mail
Susanne Gjedsted Bügel Professor, Head of Section +4535332490 E-mail
Tele Chepkoros Boit PhD Fellow +4535334979 E-mail
Tenna Mie Christoffersen Industrial PhD   E-mail
Thea M Steenbuch Krabbe Bruun Student +4535324789 E-mail
Henrik Friis

Head of research group

Henrik Friis