Lifecourse Nutrition and Health

We aim to understand how diet and nutrition affect growth, development, and metabolism from early life to adulthood, to maintain optimal health and prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

We perform studies in humans in different stages of life.

We investigate the effects of specific nutrients, foods and whole diets on  growth, body composition, weight homeostasis, cardiovascular and metabolic function, cognitive function and mental wellbeing.



  • We investigate the effects of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, fish, wholegrains, breast milk, school meals, high protein diets, physical activity and sleep — among other factors — in different stages of life.
  • We measure the impact of dietary factors on growth, body composition, weight regulation, metabolism, cardiovascular health, bone health, cognitive function, mental health, and risk of lifestyle diseases such as type-2 diabetes.
  • We explore social inequalities, sex-differences, diet-gene interactions, potential mechanisms of action and the role of the gut microbiota.
  • We design our research with emphasis on public health relevance and clinical applicability.



  • High-quality diet-based randomized clinical trials and deep phenotyping cohort studies in pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
  • Collection and analysis of fasting blood samples in infants, children and adults with focus on nutritional status, cardiometabolic markers, growth factors and immune markers.
  • Assessment of body composition and bone mineralization by air-displacement plethysmography (BODPOD and PEAPOD) and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA).
  • Measurements of dietary intake by dietary registration, food frequency questionnaires and nutritional biomarkers, and assessment of physical activity and sleep by accelerometry.
  • Measurements of energy metabolism and substrate oxidation by indirect calorimetry (canopy and chambers).



We collaborate with leading researchers and experts within public health, medical science, microbiome, immunology, lipidomics and genetics.

Our research also involves collaboration with schools, municipalities and other local and national stakeholders.



We are responsible for several courses.

You can read more about our bachelor and master courses by looking them up in the course catalogue for University of Copenhagen.

Bachelor courses

  • Sundhed, Ernæring og Livskvalitet A (NNEB21006U)
  • Basal human fysiologi (NNEB19009U)

Master courses

  • Integrative Human Metabolism (NNEK23003U)
  • Diet and Physical Activity in Prevention and Treatment of Disease (NNEK23005U) 
  • Lifecourse Nutrition and Health (NNEK23004U)
  • Evidence, Diet and Health (LLEK10249U)



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Members of research group

Research group

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Anders Mikael Sjödin Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Anna Gro Eilersen PhD Fellow +4535329906 E-mail
Anne Vedelsdal Aurup PhD Fellow +4535333223 E-mail
Annette Vedelspang Nutrition Consultant +4535334616 E-mail
Anni Larnkjær Academic Staff +4535333548 E-mail
Camilla Trab Damsgaard Associate Professor +4535332221 E-mail
Christian Mølgaard Professor +4535332516 E-mail
Christina Sonne Mogensen PhD Fellow +4535333284 E-mail
David Samuel Ludwig Visiting Professor +4535331211 E-mail
Faidon Magkos Professor +4535333671 E-mail
Frederik Holmegaard Jensen PhD Fellow +4535329622 E-mail
Inge Birgit Rasmussen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332214 E-mail
John Gargul Lind Laboratory Technician. +4535332480 E-mail
Karoline Sandby PhD Fellow +4535323377 E-mail
Kaspar Lohmann Research Assistant +4535334751 E-mail
Kim F. Michaelsen Professor Emeritus +4535332495 E-mail
Kristine Marie Kristensen Research Assistant +4535328867 E-mail
Line Kattai Ulrikkeholm Academic Officer +4535328498 E-mail
Lotte Lauritzen Professor +4535332508 E-mail
Malene Nygaard PhD Fellow +4535320266 E-mail
Sophie Hilario Christensen Postdoc +4535336691 E-mail
Søren Andresen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332468 E-mail