Preventive and Clinical Nutrition

The Section for Preventive and Clinical Nutrition possesses specialist expertise within the documentation of the health effects of food, clinical nutrition and the use and development of biomarkers.



The section carries out meal studies and long-term dietary intervention studies focusing on single foods or food components and involving voluntary adult trial subjects to investigate whether it is possible to document particular health effects, and working also with patients to find the best diets as part of their treatment. 

The section develops new methods for measuring food consumption, nutrition and health effects using metabolomics.



The section investigates the short and long-term effects of individual food components with the aim of preventing and relieving specific diet-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis. In addition, the significance of diet is also studied in connection with improving quality of life for the elderly and sick. 

It is a strategic aim to contribute to the development of new and healthier foods and dietary compositions and to carry out much of this research in collaboration with food producers and businesses.

Controlled dietary intervention studies, carried out for specific groups of persons, are central to the section’s research and to our partnerships with other research groups and with the food industry.

It is particularly important to be able to measure individual sensitivity to dietary factors as well as the intake and effects of nutrients and other bioactives for the individual. For this purpose, the use of measurement methods for sensitivity, intake and effect – so-called biomarkers – are important for the section’s research.

The development of new biomarkers is also a key strategic research area, including the development of tests and markers for assessing health as well as the risk of lifestyle diseases. The use of exploratory techniques, including metabolomics, is an important part of this strategy.



Head of section: Professor Lars Ove Dragsted

Section Secretary: Geske Louise Rune

Visiting address
Section for Preventive and Clinical Nutrition
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports
Rolighedsvej 26
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C

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Section members

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Agnetha Linn Rostgaard-Hansen PhD Student +4535257924 E-mail
Alexandr Parlesak Associate Professor   E-mail
Anders Mikael Sjödin Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Andreas Berger External   E-mail
Ann Bech Roskjær PhD Student +4535326279 E-mail
Anne Marie Raabyemagle Nutrition Consultant +4535332486 E-mail
Anne Raben Professor +4535333653 E-mail
Caroline Filskov Petersen Research Assistant +4535333464 E-mail
Catalina Sinziana Cuparencu Postdoc   E-mail
Claude Michele Mona No job title +4535332507 E-mail
Esben Herborg Henriksen Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Finn Sandø-Pedersen IT Consultant +4535331479 E-mail
Giorgia La Barbera Guest Researcher   E-mail
Gladys Thingstrup Mathieu PhD Fellow +4535334217 E-mail
Hanne Lysdal Petersen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535331088 E-mail
Henrik Munch Roager Associate Professor +4535324928 E-mail
Inge Tetens Professor +4535332127 E-mail
Jan Stanstrup Assistant Professor +4535332859 E-mail
Jane Guldborg Jørgensen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332472 E-mail
Jens Rikardt Andersen Associate Professor +4535332504 E-mail
Kaj Winther Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Kasper Jakob Nowak Guest Researcher   E-mail
Kia Daniela Reis Student FU +4535336288 E-mail
Lars Ove Dragsted Head of Section +4535332694 E-mail
Lasse Sommer Mikkelsen Guest Researcher +4535326424 E-mail
Lea Ellen Matthiessen PhD Fellow +4535331227 E-mail
Louise Kjølbæk Assistant Professor +4535331462 E-mail
Mahsa Jalili Assistant Professor +4535332653 E-mail
Malte Studnitz Jørgensen PhD Fellow +4535328985 E-mail
Marie Kjær Assistant Professor +4528897877 E-mail
Morten Bo Johansen Guest Researcher +4535326218 E-mail
Nicola Procházková PhD Fellow +4535320472 E-mail
Petra Gernhardt Student FU +4535329328 E-mail
Poula Patursson PhD Student +45+298224112 E-mail
Ruixin Zhu External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Sabina Stoffer Hjorth Andersen PhD Fellow +4535336362 E-mail
Sarah Fleischer Ben Soltane Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535331087 E-mail
Sidse Ida Ingemann Rasmussen Research Assistant   E-mail
Simon Rønnow Schacht Postdoc +4535332573 E-mail
Sine Højlund Christensen Research Assistant +4535322305 E-mail
Sofie Skov Frost Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535320255 E-mail
Steen Stender Affiliate Professor +4535333162 E-mail
Susanne Gjedsted Bügel Professor +4535332490 E-mail
Tenna Mie Christoffersen Industrial PhD   E-mail
Thea M Steenbuch Krabbe Bruun Student +4535324789 E-mail
Therese Kjærholm Hoeing External   E-mail
Tugce Bulmus Tüccar Guest Researcher   E-mail