The paradox of how different social groups of adolescences relate to the subject PE in upper secondary school in Denmark

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This paper explores how adolescences representing different social groups relate to the subject PE in upper secondary school. In Denmark, there is a correlation between high SES and sports participation (Pilgaard & Rask, 2016), stating that individuals with higher SES have a tendency to be more physically active. The paper presents a 6 months’ field study of PE lessons in 2 Danish upper secondary schools. Both schools were located in the Danish capital area: 1 school, located north of Copenhagen was characterized by greater cultural and economic capital than the other school, located south of Copenhagen. Lessons in 4 PE-classes were observed throughout the 6 months and subsequently 8 focus group interviews were conducted. We deploy a theoretical framework inspired by Norbert Elias, especially his notions of how individuals navigate and situate themselves within figurational contexts, negotiating ‘I’, ‘we’ and ‘they’ identities (Elias, 2001; Elias & Scotson, 1994 [1965]) as well the emotional work that is at play in such a negotiation process (Elias, 1987). The study showed that the students at these 2 schools have very different navigating strategies when it comes to their engagement in PE. The results contradict some of the traditional understandings we have of participation in physical activity among different social groups. The observations showed a stronger practical engagement in PE among the students from the northern school. However, the focus groups contradicted this by revealing that a much more serious and respectful opinion of the subject permeated the students of the southern school.
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StatusUdgivet - 2018
BegivenhedThe 2018 Annual Conference of the International Sociology of Sport Association: Sports Organizations and Organizing Sports: Critical Reflections - University of Lausanne (UNIL), Lausanne, Schweiz
Varighed: 5 jun. 20188 jun. 2018


KonferenceThe 2018 Annual Conference of the International Sociology of Sport Association
LokationUniversity of Lausanne (UNIL)

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