Effect of locally produced complementary foods on fat-free mass, linear growth and iron status among Kenyan infants: a randomized controlled trial

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The impact of quality complementary food products on infant growth and body composition has not been adequately investigated. This study evaluated the effect on fat-free mass (FFM) accrual, linear growth and iron status of locally produced complementary food products comparing to a standard product. In a randomized, double-blind trial, 499 infants at 6 mo received 9 monthly rations of: 1) WinFood Classic (WFC) comprising germinated amaranth (71%), maize (10.4%), small fish (3%) and edible termites (10%); 2) WinFood Lite (WFL) comprising germinated amaranth (82.5%), maize (10.2%) and multi-micronutrient premix; or 3) fortified Corn-soy blend plus (CSB+). Primary outcomes were changes in FFM, length, and plasma ferritin and transferrin receptors (TfR). FFM was determined using deuterium dilution. Analysis was by intention-to-treat, based on available cases. Compared to CSB+, there were no differences in change from 6 to 15 mo in FFM for WFC 0.0 kg, (95% CI:-0.30, 0.29) and WFL 0.03 kg, (95% CI:-0.25, 0.32) and length change for WFC -0.3 cm (95% CI:-0.9, 0.4) and WFL -0.3 cm (95% CI:-0.9, 0.3). TfR increased in WFC group 3.3 mg/L (95% CI: 1.7, 4.9) and WFL group 1.7 mg/L (95% CI: 0.1, 3.4) compared to CSB+. Compared to the increase in Hb in CSB+ group, there was a reduction in Hb in WFC of -0.9 g/dl (95 %CI:-1.3,-0.5) and a lower increase in WFL -0.4 g/dl (95 %CI:-0.8, 0.0). In conclusion, the tested WinFoods had the same effect on FFM and length as CSB+, while Hb and iron status decreased, suggesting inhibited iron bioavailability from the amaranth-based WinFoods.

TidsskriftMaternal and Child Nutrition
Udgave nummer4
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - 2019

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