The Art of Dialogue in Coaching: Towards Transformative Exchange

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Not all conversations and types of dialogue are supportive and suitable for individuals looking for help in their professional or private life. It is important to understand the social and organizational context to be able to establish meaningfulness and a value base. Dialogues can be the basis for helping people to find their stance and personal integrity so that they can take action in their world.
We need to stop in our tracks and learn to linger in dialogue with a supportive partner, for example a coach, counseller, psychologist, or therapist. Lingering in dialogue helps individuals, and sometimes even supportive partners, to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, their personal, social, or organizational contexts, and their life in general. If we listen to ourselves and to each other, dialogue will not focus on a quick fix, but instead strive towards a sustainable and meaningful conversation, where individuals can find their ethical stance based on their own lived personal values.
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
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AndetWebinar: Exploring the Art of Dialogue in Coaching

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