Helle Winther

Helle Winther


  1. 2015
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    Embodied performances: Sexuality, gender, bodies, by Beatrice Allegranti. London, UK, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, 256 s., £59.00, ISBN 978-0-230-24593-8 (Book Review)

    Winther, Helle, 2015, I: Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy: An International Journal for Theory, Research and Practice. 10, 3, s. 186-187 2 s.

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  3. Udgivet

    The dancing nurses and the language of the body: Training somatic awareness, bodily communication, and embodied professional competence in nurse education

    Winther, Helle, Grøntved, S. N., Graversen, E. K. & Ilkjær, I., 2015, I: Journal of Holistic Nursing. 33, 3, s. 182-192 11 s.

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