Catalina Cuparencu

Catalina Cuparencu

Assistant Professor

My core research lays in the development of biomarkers of food intake as dietary assessment tools, from discovery to implementation, striving to increase precision in nutrition studies. I have a broad experience in metabolomics and in conducting human intervention studies. 

I am responsible for the MSc course in Bioactives Food Components and Health and co-responsible for the MSc course in Metabolomics.


Shift2Health: prevention of obesity in shift workers, EU Horizon, co-PI Danish arm (

HotFacets: a Danish trial on the effects of moderate alcohol intake, co-PI

PREVIEW: prevention of diabetes through lifestyle interventions, EU Horizon, PhD fellow responsible for metabolomics analyses (

FOODBALL: food biomarker alliance - discovery, review, validation strategy for dietary biomarkers (JPI HDHL), affiliated PhD fellow 

ID: 84099863