Lotte Lauritzen

Lotte Lauritzen

Professor MSO

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1991: M.Sc. (Cand.scient.) in Biology (Molecular Physiology) from University of Copenhagen
1995: Ph.D. (Lic.scient.) in Cellular Physiology from University of Copenhagen


1991: Research Assistent, August Krogh Institute, University of Copenhagen (KU-NAT)
1992-1994: Ph.D.student, Dept. of Pharmacology, Royal Danish School of Pharmacy (KU-FARMA)
1995: Ammenuensis, Dept. of Pharmacology, Danish Pharmaceutical University (KU-FARMA)
1995-1997: Post.Doc., Dept. of Pharmacol., Danish Pharmaceutical University (KU-FARMA)
1997-2002: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Human Nutrition, Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University (KU-LIFE)
2002- : Associate Professor, Dept. of Human Nutr., University of Copenhagen (KU-LIFE)
Maternity leave 27.9.93-01.3.94, 17.4.97-21.9.97, & 24.2.02-01.9.02.

Research areas:

Possible effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), especially long-chain n-3 PUFA in relation to cardiovascular risk markers, metabolic syndrome, immune function, gut microbiota, growth and development. Current new interests are diet-gene-interactions and interactions between intake of PUFA and other nutrients.
Has broad experience in many areas of lipid research – nutrition, cellular functions and signal transduction. Has performed in vitro studies, animal experiments and human intervention studies with lactating mothers, infants and adults.

Teaching experience:

Has over the years been involved in teaching in biochemistry, cell toxicology, signal transduction, essential fatty acid biology, infant nutrition, and evaluation of scientific evidence. Teaching forms has included lectures, practical hand-on- and theoretical courses and counselling in relation to various types of trainee research projects and has been performed at bachelor, master as well as Ph.D. level in relation to different educations within the natural sciences and health.
Teaching responsibilities also include coordination of master courses currently in “Evidence, Diet & Health”. Is furthermore a member of the education board for the nutrition educations at KU-LIFE and for the Bachelor education in Nutrition and Health at University College Metropol. Is certified to teach in English and to supervise Assistent professors at the department. Has so far been supervisor for 10 bachelor, 36 master and 9 Ph.D. students and official opponent at 6 Ph.D.defences (in Denmark and abroard).


Main or co-contractor of four (>2 mio DKK) grants from national research counsels and member of the upcoming LIFE ELITE research group on ”Early LIFE Nutrition” (2010-).
Author of 44 peer-reviewed original research papers, 5 reviews, 2 letters and 1 editorial in international scientific journals, and 7 book contributions (H-index=15 and total citations 1036 (Web of Science Sept. 2011)).
Editorial Board for Maternal & Child Nutrition (2010-), reviewer for a number of international scientific journals and a couple of research agencies.
Organizer of research seminars and scientific meetings at the department, and a workshop on "PUFA and their effects on membrane function and ion channels" (Novo Nordisk A/S, 27.11.2003).
Member of The American Society for Nutrition (2011-), The International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) (1999-), Danish Nutrition Society (1998-, from 2010 member of the board) and Danish Biochemical Society (1993-).
Participant at some 60 scientific congresses and meetings and co-author on a number of abstracts.


L.Lauritzen : Fiskeoliediæts indflydelse på fedtsyresammensætning og cellulære reguleringsmekanismer i Ehrlich ascites tumorceller. Specialerapport, Københavns Universitet, 1991. Supervisors: Ph.D E.K. Hoffmann & Dr. Sc. H.S. Hansen (in Danish).
L.Lauritzen : Fosfolipase D i Leydigceller - betydning i signaltransduktion. Licentiatrapport, Københavns Universitet, 1995. Supervisors: Dr. Sc. H.S. Hansen, evaluated by Ph.D. E.K. Hoffmann & Dr. Med. S. Gammelgaard (in Danish).

Scientific publications in peer reviewed journals 2001-2011 (corresponding author):

Scientific publications in peer reviewed journals 2001-2011 (*corresponding author):
A.D.Andersen, L.Mølbak, T.Thyman, K.F.Michaelsen, & L.Lauritzen*: Dietary long-chain n-3 PUFA, gut microbiota and fat mass in early postnatal piglet development - exploring a potential interplay. PLEFA (In press)
L.Lauritzen*, L.B.S.Harsløf, L.I.Hellgren, M.H.Pedersen, C.Mølgaard, & K.F.Michaelsen: Fish intake, erythrocyte n-3 fatty acid status and metabolic health in Danish adolescent girls and boys. Br. J. Nutr. (In press)
M.H.Pedersen, L.Lauritzen, & L.I.Hellgren: Fish oil combined with short chain fatty acids synergistically prevent tissue accumulation of non-esterified fatty acids during weight loss in obese mice. Br. J. Nutr. (In press)
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