Anders Mikael Sjödin

Anders Mikael Sjödin

Professor emeritus

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Research activities

25 years of experience in clinical research conducted at Uppsala and Copenhagen universities as well as head (senior scientist, research manager and later assistant research director) of a research department at Orkla Foods AS, focused on nutrition and health (including brand building and marketing related to nutritional qualities and health). For the last 10 years back in the academic environment as associate professor and later professor mso at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at Copenhagen University. Have been supervisor for 7 and co-supervisor for 5 PhD-students, supervised more than 30 Master students, is course responsible on the master programme in human nutrition. I have also been the responsible senior researcher in 7 clinical obesity drug trials and in several projects related to the effect of limited sleep, mental stress, physical activity, food structure, gastro-intestinal peptides and gastric by-pass surgery on regulation of appetite, body weight and energy metabolism. Main research areas are regulation of appetite, food intake, energy and substrate metabolism with special emphasis on the impact of physical exercise, stress as well as surgical and pharmaceutical treatment of obesity.

I am currently involved in the following research projects as the PI and/or leading investigator:

  1. SATIN (SATiety INnovation) – WP-leader in EU-funded project (FP7)

  2. Governing Obesity (WP leader in WP4 – GO-Bypass)                                           

  3. STRUCSAT (How structure affects satiety) WP-leader in project funded by The Danish Council for Strategic Research 

  4. SEPA (Hydrolyserede Svineproteiners Effekt på Proteinsyntese og Appetit)

  5. LEAF – A PhD-project in collaboration with prof S Skovby (SUND/KU) and ass prof Å Segerström (Lund Univ). Low Energy Availability in Female Elite Endurance Athletes – Metabolic Adaptations and Consequences for Health and Performance.

Honorary appointments, national and international affiliations

External advisor in research projects to MATFORSK, Norway (2001-2004).

Member of “Rådgivande utvalg”, MATFORSK, Norway (2002-2004).

Member of LI´s expert group on Food&Health  (2002-2004).

Representative for LI in BKH (Evaluation and regulation of health claims; 2002-2004).

Member of the board of Friskis&Svettis (Riks) (2004-2008).

Appointed as Livsmedelsbranchens granskningsman for evaluation of health claims (2008-2014).

Expert on EFSA’s WG4 for evaluation of health claims on appetite, weight, glucose regulation and physical performance (2009-2011).

Member of the board for Folkeuniversitetet, Copenhagen (2010-2012)

First editor for British Journal of Nutrtion (2012-2014).

External expert at EFSA, Parma (NDA-panel and working group on claims) (2012- ongoing).

External expert at EFSA, Parma (working group on the safety of caffeine (chair)) (2013-ongoing).

External expert at EFSA, Parma (working group on dietetics) (2014-2015).

Additional publications  

Letter to editors

Sleep restriction and appetite control / Chaput JP, Klingenberg L, Sjödin AM. Am J Clin Nutr 2010 Mar;91(3):822-3.


Energy and Substrate metabolism in Endurance Exercise. Acta Universitas Upsaliensis, 1996 (ISBN: 91-554-3764-8; ISSN: 0282-7476)

Books and book chapters

I magen på svenska skidlandslaget / A Sjödin (Ed.), 1993.

Obesity as a health risk / Pedersen SD, Sjödin A, Astrup A. In: Present Knowledge in Nutrition (10th ed.) / Erdman JW, Macdonald IA, Zeisel SH (Eds:). Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. (Chapter 45: 709- ).

Other publications

Co-author on over 100 scientific opinions for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Over 30 publications in popular press.

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