Nina Rica Wium Geiker

Nina Rica Wium Geiker



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More than 12 years´ of clinical research experience conducted in accordance with Good Clinical Practice. Actively partaken in all phases of clinical research; from idea through implementation to dissemination of results. Primary research areas are pathophysiology and physiology of the energy metabolism with focus on the etiology, prophylaxis and treatment of obesity. 


Nina Geiker has received research funding from

  • Novo Nordisk Foundation / Novo Nodisk Fonden
  • Danish Pig Meat Association
  • Danish Dairy Research Foundation
  • Nordea Foundation
  • Arla Food for Health
  • Danish Agriculture and Food Council
  • The Cattlemen’s Association
  • Lighter Life
  • Cambridge Weight Plan
  • Modifast
  • Nupo
  • Lego Charity
  • PharmoVital
  • Pharma Nord

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