The role of sustainable HORECA for sustainable lifestyles - identification of challenges and future work

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Internationally there is increasing interest in short food supply chains and local and organic food as part of a wider concern with sustainability. This is strongly evident in both commercially oriented food service, where it is often associated with sustainable tourism endeavours, and in institutional catering, often in connection with sustainable public procurement initiatives. Proponents stress environmental benefits as well as the health and nutritional value of high-quality organic food and re-localized food production and consumption, plus the opportunity for food education, especially in school meal settings. This paper looks at changing policies and practices against a background of rising
digitalization and the blurring between retail and food service channels. It will consider long-term strategies for developing sustainable HORECA, cooperation between procurers and smaller suppliers, and community involvement.
TitelSustainable Value Chains for Sustainable Food Systems : A Workshop of the FAO/UNEP Programme on Sustainable Food Systems. Rome, 8-9 June 2016
RedaktørerAlexandre Meybeck, Suzanne Redfern
Antal sider18
Udgivelses stedRome
ForlagFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-92-5-109532-4
StatusUdgivet - 2016

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