Principles of fitness training

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With appropriate training, the physical performance of a player during a match can be increased and the risk of injury reduced. In order to design an efficient training programme, it is important to be aware of the requirements of the game and the different components of fitness training in soccer. Aerobic training increases the ability to exercise at an overall higher intensity during a match and minimizes a decrease in technical performance induced by fatigue towards the end of a game. Anaerobic training elevates a player's potential to perform maximal runs repeatedly and to sustain intense work during a game. Muscle strength training, combined with technical training, improves a player's power output during explosive activities in a match. Fitness training should mainly be performed as small-sided games or drills with the ball. The principle of specificity of training ensures that the specific muscles used in soccer are trained and that players develop their technical skills under conditions similar to those encountered during competition.

TitelScience and Soccer : Developing Elite Performers
RedaktørerMark A Williams
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