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Inge Tetens

Inge Tetens


ResearcherID: B-8965-2017

Main research interest is the association between foods, nutrients and health in prevention of disease and in health promotion.

Primary fields of research

Present research focus is the relationship between health and meals/individual foods together with physical activity and quality of life among the elderly. Intervention studies are conducted as effectiveness trials in real life through collaboration with researchers, municipalities, authorities, and practitioners.

As head of ‘Vitalization: Centre for Good Older Lives’ I’m responsible for the development of new research based knowledge to strengthen the good life of the elderly, their health, functions and eagerness to life. Taking a starting point in the preferences, needs, and wishes of the elderly and various stakeholders, the effectiveness is assessed of different initiatives and strategies in the area of health and tasty meals, physical activity, and communities with due considerations into the economic aspects. New knowledge will be transferred into competences that can be implemented in real life and add to the good lives of the older people.

Vitalization: Centre for Good Older Lives’ is a cross-disciplinary centre between researchers at the University of Copenhagen (Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports; Department of Food Science, and Department of Food and Resource Economics) and Madkulturen. The aim of the centre is to develop and implement new knowledge, competences and practice in the area of meals, physical activity and communities in the elderly through collaboration with regions and municipalities and other stakeholders.

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