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Christel Halvor Trøstrup

Christel Halvor Trøstrup

PhD Student

Researcher ID: H-4307-2015

Current research

How can narrative coaching in natural surroundings strengthen the quality of life for couples with one partner suffering from cancer?

The PhD project is an intervention study aimed at demonstrating the effect of recreational walks and reflection exercises for couples afflicted by cancer.

 In Denmark, the hospital system is currently being restructured with the goal that future hospitals should focus primarily on "acute" treatment. This means that patients and their families will experience a much bigger degree of responsibility for coping with cancer in daily life. To make this possible, it is necessary to establish a method that can help couples regain coherence in their life together, with little time and effort from health professionals. The goal of the project is to accommodate this need by creating a method that is relatively easy to employ.

The project is based on narrative coaching and ”recreational walks”, and the purpose of the project is to invent a research based method that will optimise the quality of life for couples with one partner suffering from cancer.

The project is expected to demonstrate that the initiation of therapeutic dialogue and encouragement to do light exercise will have a positive effect on the life quality of couples afflicted by cancer.

The project is a collaboration between Reinhard Stelter, NEXS, Skovskolen of The Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN), The Health and Body Research Programme at University College UCC and Nord Sealand Hospital in Hillerød. The PhD scholar of the project, Christel Trøstrup has a background as an educated nurse and as a senior lecturer of Critical Reflection Studies at University College UCC. Christel is now employed at the Oncological and Palliative Care Department at Nord Sealand Hospital in Hillerød. In collaboration with clinicians from these departments she will be conducting the recruitment of participants for the intervention.

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