PhD defence - Thomas Christian Bonne

Thomas Christian Bonne is defending his PhD thesis

Effects of exercise training on haematology and maximal cardiac output


6 May 2015, 10:00


Store Auditorium, Department of Computer Science, Universitetsparken 1-3, 2100 Copenhagen


Mogens Theisen Pedersen (chair), Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen,Denmark

Jon Wehrlin, Head of the Endurance Physiology Department at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen, Switzerland

Klavs Madsen, Research Manager, University of Gothenburg, Department of food and nutrtion and sport science, Sweden


Nikolai Baastrup Nordsborg, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Carsten Lundby, Universität Zurich, Switzerland

About the thesis

After a few weeks of endurance exercise training maximal cardiac output is increased. This is due to an increase in blood volume as well as changes in heart structure and function. In the present thesis the relative contribution from blood volume and heart structure and function on maximal cardiac output was examined.

Other methods to improve aerobic capacity include altitude training which is often used by elite athletes. The effect of altitude training for sea-level performance is still debatable and the literature is divergent on this matter. The ffect of a classical altitude training camp on haemoglobin mass and VO2max was examined in Olympic swimmers.

Even if haematological changes aren’t sufficient to improve performance they can pose a challenge in an anti-doping context. In conclusion, the effect of haematological changes for the Athlete Biological Passport following altitude training was examined.

2015, 89 pages, ISBN 978 87 7611 880 8

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