Coaching for employee engagement: The role of basic psychological need support and satisfaction

Foredragsrække "Coaching - forskning og praksis"

Dr Gordon Spence

Dr Gordon Spence who is Program Director of the Master of Business Coaching at Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong. He is a lecturer and coaching psychologist who is currently researching the impact of workplace coaching on basic psychological need satisfaction and employee engagement.

Coaching is fundamentally concerned with assisting people to generate motivation for purposive action. Yet, surprisingly, theories of motivation have not been prominent in coaching research to date. In this talk, Dr Gordon Spence will provide an overview of self-determination theory (SDT; Deci & Ryan, 1985) and discuss its relevance to both coaching practice and research. He will also outline the details of a coaching research project currently being conducted within a large Australian organisation, using quasi-experimental methods (n=100). Preliminary findings from this study will be discussed, with particular emphasis given to three hypothesised antecedents of employee engagement (psychological need support, psychological need satisfaction, autonomous motivation) and the impact of coaching on these core SDT variables. 

BEMÆRK: Foredraget starter kl. 16:30.

Forelæsningen finder sted i Store Auditorium, Institut for Idræt og Ernæring, Nørre Allé 53, 2200 København N.

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