A guide to third generation coaching: narrative-collaborative theory and practice

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- Introduces a new conceptual framework for coaching practice
- Unique approach connects coaching to societal changes in society, work and life
- Strong focus on the importance of values and meaning in the coaching process
- Provides excellent material for ambitious practitioners and high level coaching education programs by supporting the reader as a reflective practitioner

This book proposes third generation coaching in a form where the coach and the coaches are less concerned with solutions and more concerned with creating space for (self-)reflection through collaborative practices. Offering a revisited and innovative approach to coaching psychology, advantageous for learners and practitioners alike. It marks a new trend in coaching and has a special profile, based on the acknowledgement of changes in society, learning and knowledge production, as well as leadership. The author’ s concept of ​​coaching distinguishes itself from the existing models (pop coaching , GROW model, etc) by offering a fresh analysis of our society – a society that is characterised by diversification, identity challenges, abolition of the monopoly of knowledge, lifelong learning, the necessity for self-reflection, etc. These societal changes are the basis for the existence of coaching and its prevalence, but they must also be the foundation for the way we employ coaching.
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ISBN (Trykt)978-94-007-7185-7
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StatusUdgivet - 2014

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