Review paper: Secular trends in human physical capacities of the working population and some ergonomic implications

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The present review investigates the scope of secular changes in aerobic and anaerobic fitness and some factors that may modify these changes. The aerobic fitness shows considerable secular declines since the 1970s. These changes often show skew distributions due to impact of socioeconomic class, the largest decreases in the lowest classes commonly occupying the most demanding jobs. Some potential ergonomic implications are discussed.
TitelProceedings of the 50th Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society Conference : Future Work: Digitalisation and Innovation
RedaktørerOle Broberg, Rikke Siem
Antal sider8
Udgivelses stedLyngby
ForlagDTU Management
StatusUdgivet - 2019

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CURIS 2019 NEXS 349

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