A multicentre weight loss study using a low-calorie diet over 8 weeks: regional differences in efficacy across eight European cities

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  • Angeliki Papadaki
  • Manolis Linardakis
  • Maria Plada
  • Thomas Meinert Larsen
  • Marleen A van Baak
  • Anna Karin Lindroos
  • Andreas F H Pfeiffer
  • J Alfredo Martinez
  • Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska
  • Marie Kunešová
  • Claus Holst
  • Wim H M Saris
  • Astrup, Arne
  • Anthony Kafatos
  • Diet, Obesity and Genes (DiOGenes) Project
The efficacy of low-calorie diets (LCDs) has not been investigated in large-scale studies or among people from different regions, who are perhaps unaccustomed to such methods of losing weight. The aim of the present study was to investigate changes in obesity measures among overweight/obese adults from eight European cities (from Northern, Central and Southern Europe) during the 8-week LCD phase of the DiOGenes study (2006-2007), a family-based, randomised, controlled dietary intervention.
TidsskriftSwiss Medical Weekly
Sider (fra-til)w13721
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 21 jan. 2013

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CURIS 2013 NEXS 068

ID: 44866348