Anna Katarina Melin

Anna Katarina Melin


ResearcherID: E-5380-2017

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1994: BSc in nutrition & home economics. 1995: Clinical dietician, University of Aarhus, 1996: Registered Clinical dietician, 2010: MSc clinical nutrition, University of Copenhagen.


1995-2010: Sport nutritionist Team Danmark: co-ordinator (1995-2007), main focus: prevention, early detection and treatment of the female athletes triad and interrelated issues. 2010-2013: PhD student, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport, University of Copenhagen

Research field

Energy- and nutrient availability in female endurance athletes. Impact on energy metabolism, reproductive and bone healt as well as recovery after exercise. Techniques: DXA scan, work efficiency and incremental exercise test (indirect calorimetry), energy and nutrient intake (7-day weighed food record), Total energy expenditure (RMR=resting metabolic rate (indirect calorimetry by ventilated hood), EEE = energy expenditure during exercise (mean and max heart rate frequency, NEAT = non exercise thermogenesis (accelerometry), DIT= diet induced thermogenesis (10% of energy intake). Eating disorder examination. Multiple questionnaires (Eating Disorder Inventory, Low Energy Availability in Females Scale, Pittsburgh sleep quality index, Motivation for Change Questionnaire -Sport).

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