Gender & Sport - from European PerspectiveGender & Sport

From European Perspective

Else Trangbæk, Arnd Krüger (red.)


1999, 127 sider, 50,- kr
Institut for Idræt / CESH
ISBN 978 87 893 6167 3


Gender and Sport - From European Perspectives is about different aspects of the development of physical education, gymnastics and sport for women in Europe in the last three hundred years. The chapters in the book represent seven papers about gender and sport from the Third Seminar of the History of Sport in Europe, Copenhagen 1998 in auspicium of the European Committee for the History of Sport (CESH).

They show that gender is an important perspective to look at in the development of physical education and sport. The authors also have so distinct perspectives, that the book helps to enrich the study of the European heritage of sport.