Hans Bonde

Hans Bonde


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  • Ph.d. 1991
  • Dr.phil. 2002
  • Professor 2003

Research education

Founder, fundraiser and leader of the cross-scientific research education program in sport (REPS), 2007-2011; Research group leader 2009-2013.

Main breakthroughs within research

1) Pioneer in the field of international research in masculinity, particularly masculinity and sport, culminating with PhD and internationally with the book: Masculinity, Sport, Politics (Routledge, 2010). 2) Research in the Danish right-wing Radicalism's use of personalty cult, mass seduction and control over young people’s bodies in the 1930's and during the German occupation culminating with the book Gymnastics and Politics from 2008 about the internationally renowned gymnastics pedagogue Niels Bukh. 3) The uncovering of the fact that Danish sport was the cultural sector that by far cooperated  most intensely with the Germans during the occupation of Denmark culminating in the book: Football with the Foe from 2008, 4) Identification of a contemporary gender representation culture including illegal affirmative action in the field of art and research culminating with three research articles between 2015 and 2016 (including in Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen: Scientific Journal of Law).

External cooperation

Primarily, this comprises continued work on developing The Sports Academy in Ollerup. Not least in recognition of my books, documentaries, exhibitions and multimedia on the world renowned gymnastics educator Niels Bukh from 2001 to date, the school has been widely recognized as an important part of the Danish cultural heritage. In view of this, the school’s superintendent, Uffe Standby, and I have ensured more than 150 million DKK from different funds (Ny Carlsbergfondet, Realdania Fonden, Nykredit, AP Møller Fonden) for new art, restorations and new state of the art innovative facilities. Contact person: Uffe Strandby: us@ollerup.dk

Books and multimedia (sole author)

Judo - Den milde vej (1989); Mandighed og sport (1991); Sport en moderne Kult (1993); Danmarks store ungdomsfører (2001); Ikaros fra Ollerup (2001); Kampen om ungdommen (2003); Fodbold med fjenden (2006); Niels Bukh - en politisk-ideologisk biografi (CD-rom, 2007); Oprøret i Parken (2008); Det ekstreme køn (2008); Fordi du fortjener det (2013); J.P. Müller – Danmarks store sundhedsapostel (planned); Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup - 100 års historie fra fortid til nutid (planned).

International research books (a still very significant practice in the humanities)

Gymnastics and Politics (2006, 376 s.); Niels Bukh - a Visual Documentation (DVD in English, Japanese and Danish (2007); Football with the Foe (2008, 272 s.); The Politics of the Male Body in Global Sport - the Danish Involvement (2010, 284 s.); J.P.  Muller – Denmark’s Great Apostle of Health (planned, 300 s.).


Frequently used as an invited expert through feature articles, articles, books, TV, radio, exhibitions, documentaries, lectures and multimedia.


• HK's Ligestillingspris (Equal Status Prize) 1994;

• Årets Harald (Teacher of the Year) på Københavns Universitet 2004;

• Årets Historiebog 2006 (History Book of the year);

• Gerlevprisen 2007;

• Dansk Magisterforenings Forskerpris for Humaniora 2009 (research prize from the Danish Academic Union).

Sports career

On the national team and Danish individual champion in judo in 1976, 1977 and 1981.

For more information see:

Kraks Blå bog:

Den store danske: http://denstoredanske.dk/Danmarks_geografi_og_historie/Danmarks_historie/Danske_historikere/Hans_Bonde

Current research

J.P. Müller
The internationally renowned Danish apostle of health
- A cultural historical biography of the great reformer of movement and diet.

For J.P. Müller the enlightenment only embraced half the perspective, "the spiritual emancipation". To be able to throw off the yoke of authorities and emerge as autonomous a bodily emancipation was equally important.

Johannes Lindhard
Sports Science founder
- Between physiology and the humanities

The most recent Olympic Games (Beijing, London, Sochi, Rio) 
– Sport and politics especially concerning the opening ceremonies.

Sport halls of the future
- New sport facilities that open towards inclusion and an increased level of movement (TrygFoundation, in collaboration with PhD-student Anne Sofie Tannebek).



Mainly sports history (and sports sociology) which is essential for many of our students, who are frequently employed in the Danish college sector.

Selected master thesis themes  

• The cultural history of health

• Food and exercise through the ages

• Olympics - sociology and history

• Sport and international politics

• Sport and national identity

• The cultural history of football

• Sport and gender/masculinity

• Sports architecture


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