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Research in the Section Sport, Individual & Society

Cluster 1:  Physical Activities during School and Leisure

The overall aim of this cluster is to create knowledge about what is important for both the amount of physical activity and the experience and lessons learned from them among children and young people, and not least how and why it matters.
The research has two main focuses: 1) how important social, cultural and psychological factors have on children and young people's movement activity, and how they are related. 2) What impact various movement activities have or psychological and social factors such as learning, well-being, motivation, social relationships, citizenship and inclusion.

Cluster 2: Health, Implementation and Innovation

This cluster studies health as a social and cultural phenomenon at the macro, meso and micro level. This means we are both researching health and sports policy in how different organizations and institutions working with health and sport, as well as how health interventions with sport / exercise designed and implemented in everyday life contexts: work place, family, sports clubs, health centres, schools, residential and recreational areas as well in rural areas as in the city.

Cluster 3: Embodiment, Learning and Change

Embodiment, Learning and Social Change aims to analyse, document and create processes of change in relation to body, learning and social development in diverse contexts. We illustrate the body and the importance of movement for joy, learning, community, identity development and professional competence.
The subject is anchored in a holistic understanding of the body, which includes the physical, emotional, social and cultural development dimensions of the bodily learning.