Coaching Psychology Unit – University of Copenhagen


Coaching Psychology Unit

We conduct theoretical and empirical research in coaching and coaching psychology, and strive to convey the research and developmental work engaged in by both ourselves and others. We teach coaching at all university levels and wish to collaborate with interested parties regarding coaching in sport, business and health care, including consultancy, training, joint research projects, etc.

Ongoing research

Ongoing PhD projects

  • Ebbe Lavendt:
    "Positive Psychology Coaching – How Research Can Be Applied In Coaching”
  • Morten Bertelsen:
    Research project about the coaching relationship
  • Knud Ryom:
    Supporting youth development through active citizenship and team sports
  • Karen Seierøe Barfod:
    How is udeskole understood by Teachers?
  • Christel Halvor Trøstrup:
    How can narrative coaching in natural surroundings strengthen the quality of life for couples with one partner suffering from cancer?

Previous research



Reinhard Stelter,