Research – University of Copenhagen


Research areas

The major research areas for in the Preventive and Clinical Nutrition section are:

  • The effects on health of specific foods, food components and supplements.
  • The optimal diets for patients with different diseases, primarily cancer patients and patients fed by intubation.
  • Nutrition for groups with limited food intakes (the elderly and sick and patients undergoing rehabilitation). 
  • Bio-accessibility, bioavailability and health effects of minerals, vitamins and other bioactive dietary components.
  • Health effects of fortification, including enhancements by production or addition.
  • Analysis and development of biomarkers for food intakes, health effects, and individual susceptibility.

Projects include investigations of short- and longer term effects of specific foods or diets for prevention or ailment of diet-related disease, including cancer, cardio-vascular and metabolic diseases. We also investigate the effect of dietary change on quality of life and disease prognosis for the elderly and sick.

A central theme for the research is the evidence for effects of specific foods or diets and ultimately, their mechanism of action. This is of central importance for dietary advice to the general population and to vulnerable population groups as well as for the development of healthier food products.

Nutrition is important for a healthy life and for prevention of deficiencies and disease. The macro- and micronutrients in various food groups are important for the optimal nutrition in general. However, there are individual differences in our needs and genetic as well as phenotypic factors (age, sex, pregnancy, life style and previous diseases) play a role for nutritional health, including optimal composition of diet and needs for micronutrients and other bioactive factors at the individual level. Defining individualized nutrition is therefore a long-term goal for the section.

Current and recent research

A short overview of current and former research projects in the section can be found on the profiles of senior researchers, including Lars O. Dragsted.