Preventive and Clinical Nutrition – University of Copenhagen

Preventive and Clinical Nutrition

Preventive and Clinical Nutrition

In the section, Preventive and Clinical Nutrition, we have particular expertice in

  1. documentation of health effects of foods (human trials),
  2. clinical nutrition, and
  3. development and use of biomarkers.

We carry out meal studies and longer-term dietary intervention trials with healthy as well as health-compromised human volunteers. The studies may focus on single foods or food components or they may target effects of whole diets in order to document their specific physiological or health effects or to find optimal diets for patients as a part of their treatment. We also collaborate on observational studies related to assessment of dietary intake or risk of disease.

To investigate the effects of diets, foods or dietary components we make use of a range of clinical, physiological and immunological methods and biomarkers. We continuously strive to improve these methodologies and to develop new biomarkers to assess food intake, life style factors, and disease risk, including metabolomics.