Sport, Health and Implementation

The research group focuses upon the implementation of sport, exercise and health from multiple, perspectives from within the social sciences and humanities.


Our work includes research and evaluation on the impact of sport and health policy at political, social, organizational, historical and psychological levels.

We also focus upon how innovative health interventions which utilize sport, exercise or physical activity, are designed and implemented in multiple contexts, including the workplace, sports clubs, health centres, schools and both urban and rural areas.

The research group's research features ground-breaking social scientific research from both critical perspectives, and in relation to applied research or evaluation work conducted in collaboration with external stakeholders and researchers in sport and health promotion. To this end, the group has two key research tracks, or areas of inquiry.


Main tracks





Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Adam B. Evans Associate Professor +4535331336 E-mail
Hans Bonde Professor +4535320862 E-mail
Laila Ottesen Associate Professor, Head of Section +4535321741 E-mail
Maria Hybholt Assistant Professor +4535320840 E-mail
Stefano De Dominicis Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535326016 E-mail