Stefano De Dominicis
Stefano De Dominicis

Assistant professor

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Dr. Stefano De Dominicis joined the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport (NEXS) in November 2017. Previously worked at the Business and Management Dep. of the LUISS University of Rome and at the Dep. of Psychology of Developmental and Social Processes at Sapienza University of Rome, where also earned his BSc, MSc and PhD. He is also a licensed Psychologist. His main research interests are related to the following areas:

- Sport and Health Psychology applied to enahnced performance and talent growth: theoretical development and applied interventions.

- Social and Environmental Psychology: the study of people-environment interactions and reciprocal influences in promoting health and sustainable behaviors.

- Communication and persuasion in the sport and health domain: how to promote healthy lifestyles, from nutrition to physical activity and mental wellbeing.

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