Hans Bonde

Hans Bonde


1958: Born 9. January

1976, 1977 & 1981: Individuel Danish champion in judo

1993: Cofounder of the Danish Network for Research in Masculinities.

1995/96: Chairman of the first "Idea Group on men" under the Danish Equal Status Council.

1998-2001: Member of the Education Counsel of the Danish Minister of Health.

2003: Appointed professor in sports history, Institute for Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen

2003/2004: Member of the work group on Men and Equal Rights under the Danish Counsel of Equal Rights.

2004: Appointed "Best Teacher" at Copenhagen University

2004-05: Member of the Danish committee for the "European Year for Education through Physical Education".

2004-: Member of the Expert Group on Physical Exercise and Health of the Danish Health Board.

2004-05: Founding member and member of the board of the Danish Society for Men's Health.

2005-: Member of the editorial board for The International Journal of the History of Sport from 2006.

2007: Awarded the prize for best history book of the year.

2007: Nominated to the research communication prize of the Danish Ministry of Science.

2008: Leader of the Danish Ph.D. Research School for Sport Sciences (http://www.reps.ku.dk/).

2009: Awarded the Research Price for the Humanities of the Danish Academic Union (Dansk Magisterforening).

2009: Appointed member of the Experts Forum of the EU European Institute for Gender Equality

Knowledge of languages

Proficient in Italian, German and English at research level (which is required for studying the socio-cultural studies of these contexts).


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