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Sport, Individual & Society


Blackwell, JoannaPhD student  E-mail
Bonde, HansProfessor +45 353-20862E-mail
Christensen, Julie HellesøePhD student  E-mail
Dankers, SilkePhD student  E-mail
De Dominicis, StefanoAssistant professor +45 353-26016E-mail
Engel, LisAssociate professor emeritus +45 31 68 90 13E-mail
Evans, Adam BrianAssistant professor +45 353-31336E-mail
Frydendal, StineAssistant professor +45 353-21742E-mail
Hybholt, Maria GliemannPostdoc +45 353-20840E-mail
Jensen, Helle RudolphSecretary +45 353-34039E-mail
Madsen, LillanAssociate professor emeritus +45 353-20865E-mail
McNarry, GarethPhD student  E-mail
Melby, Paulina SanderPhD student +45 27 26 60 39E-mail
Nielsen, GlenAssociate professor +45 353-20869E-mail
Ottesen, LailaAssociate professor  E-mail
Pfister, Gertrud UrsulaProfessor emeritus +45 353-20861E-mail
Schubart, Malene Henriette HannibalPaid by the hour  E-mail
Stelter, ReinhardProfessor +45 353-20866E-mail
Svendler Nielsen, CharlotteAssociate professor +45 353-20830E-mail
Sørensen, MikkelTeaching associate professor +45 353-20802E-mail
Tannebek, Anne Sofie LundPhD student +45 22 95 74 17E-mail
Thing, Lone FriisAssociate professor, head of section +45 353-20851E-mail
Trangbæk, ElseProfessor emeritus +45 40 44 27 46E-mail
Vestergaard, Louise SylvestPhD student +45 353-31821E-mail
Wilcock, LauraPhD student  E-mail
Winther, HelleAssociate professor +45 353-20806E-mail