Embodiment, Learning and Change

In movement settings and educational contexts

Embodiment, Learning and Social Change aims to analyse, document and create processes of change in relation to body, learning and social development in diverse contexts.


We elucidate the body and the importance of joy of life, learning, community, identity development and professional competence.

The subject is anchored in a holistic understanding of the body, which includes the physical, emotional, social and cultural development dimensions of bodily learning.

Embodiment Learning and Social Change is mainly based on qualitative research, practical studies and action research and thus have a strong application-oriented focus.


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Research projects


The Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Copenhagen was established in 2009 in order to launch and coordinate interdisciplinary research, education and dissemination in coaching, coaching psychology and related fields.

The aim is to enhance the quality of life, well-being, performance and productivity of individuals, organizations and the broader community.

We teach coaching at all university levels and wish to collaborate with interested parties regarding coaching in sport, business and health care, including consultancy, training, joint research projects, etc.

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The research project aims to develop models for integrating arts in the curriculum in Denmark and in South Africa building on partnerships of ambassador teachers from different schools through so-called ”Teacher Twinning.”

The project will explore and document what value arts-integrated teaching building on ideas and methods developed in previous school projects in collaboration of the project partners has to teachers, children and for reaching objectives of national curricula.

The outcome of the project will also include teaching material and workshops for teachers that can be implemented at national level in both countries.

The project will produce knowledge about how to stimulate the implementation of arts and cultural education in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, specifically goal 4.7. about quality education.

Moreover it will develop new methods for teaching in multicultural settings based on arts-integration in various school subjects.

Collaboration partners

University of Cape Town, Sydafrika

The Danish National School of Performing Arts

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Associate Professor Charlotte Svendler Nielsen


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Charlotte Svendler Nielsen Associate Professor +4535320830 E-mail
Helle Winther Associate Professor +4535320806 E-mail
Lillan Madsen Associate Professor Emeritus +4535320865 E-mail
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Reinhard Stelter Professor +4535320866 E-mail
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Line Fredens PhD student Danish School of Education


Mie Maar Andersen PhD student Elsass Fonden
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Anna Pouplier
Ph.d. studerende
PhD student Rigshospitalets Paediatric Oncology Research Laboratory (Bonkolab) anna.pouplier@regionh.dk
Morten Bertelsen
Helle Winther

Head of research group

Helle Winther
Associate Professor