Research profile

Preventive and Clinical Nutrition

The section investigates the short and long-term effects of individual food components with the aim of preventing and relieving specific diet-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis. In addition, the significance of diet is also studied in connection with improving quality of life for the elderly and sick. 

It is a strategic aim to contribute to the development of new and healthier foods and dietary compositions and to carry out much of this research in collaboration with food producers and businesses.

Controlled dietary intervention studies, carried out for specific groups of persons, are central to the section’s research and to our partnerships with other research groups and with the food industry.

It is particularly important to be able to measure individual sensitivity to dietary factors as well as the intake and effects of nutrients and other bioactives for the individual. For this purpose, the use of measurement methods for sensitivity, intake and effect – so-called biomarkers – are important for the section’s research.

The development of new biomarkers is also a key strategic research area, including the development of tests and markers for assessing health as well as the risk of lifestyle diseases. The use of exploratory techniques, including metabolomics, is an important part of this strategy.