Diet, obesity and health

The research group investigates how diet, individual foods and macronutrients can be related to and used for the prevention and treatment of obesity and its associated diseases such as type-2 diabetes.


Particular focus is on the effects of carbohydrates and proteins (types and quantities), sweeteners and dietary fiber.

This is investigated in shorter and longer intervention studies in relation to appetite control, weight loss, weight loss maintenance, energy metabolism, as well as hormones and signaling substances involved.




Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anne Marie Raabyemagle Nutrition Consultant +4535332486 E-mail
Anne Raben Professor +4535333653 E-mail
Louise Kjølbæk Assistant Professor +4535331462 E-mail
Mie Normand Guest Researcher +4535332289 E-mail
Morten Bo Johansen Data Manager +4535326218 E-mail
Ruixin Zhu PhD Student   E-mail
Sabina Stoffer Hjorth Andersen PhD Fellow +4535336362 E-mail
Sofie Skov Frost Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535320255 E-mail

Anne Raben

Head of research group

Professor Anne Raben