Nutritional Biomarkers

We apply metabolomics techniques to improve the accuracy of dietary assessment and compliance in nutritional studies and to elucidate biological mechanisms that underpin the effects of the diet on human health and disease.


  • Position papers and systematic literature reviews on biomarkers of food intake.
  • Developing novel biomarkers for single foods or whole diets.
  • New methods for combining biomarkers to increase overall sensitivity and specificity.
  • Changes and differences in metabolic patterns related to the onset of specific diseases.



We conduct human intervention studies aimed at finding markers for specific foods, for individual health, or for susceptibility and risk of nutritionally related disease. Food intake biomarkers are important for assessing compliance and could eventually support epidemiological studies by complementing current dietary assessment tools with objective markers of food intake.

We also run projects with whole diets that are typically longer-term dietary intervention studies with risk-related outcomes, and work with data from cross-sectional population-based studies and observational studies with hard disease outcomes.


Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Catalina Sinziana Cuparencu Postdoc   E-mail
Finn Sandø-Pedersen IT Consultant +4535331479 E-mail
Jan Stanstrup Assistant Professor +4535332859 E-mail
Lars Ove Dragsted Head of Section +4535332694 E-mail
Sarah Fleischer Ben Soltane Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535331087 E-mail