Self-media: The self, the face, the media and the selfies

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The self and identity are not only topics related to the selfies. They are connected to the development of media since the renaissance, the self-media. This is the thesis of the following. The subject, the self, is most clearly exposed in the face, and face and identity becomes important in the media since the renaissance. The selfies is just the newest development is this tradition, which began with the invention of the mirror, the book (printing), and the small painting. They all put the subject as both maker and receiver in the center. It was the beginning of the modern subject. The development continued throughout the coming centuries. The selfies is the newest creation to discover, explore, visualize and find the self of the subject. The following will thus emphasis the self, the face, where the self is most noticeably expressed and seen, and the self-media, where the individual can face him- or herself.
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