Personalized exercise intervention in HPN patients - A feasibility study

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Background: Physical health status may be predictive of readmissions, psychological health and mortality in patients with short bowel syndrome. Aims: This study aimed to investigate the feasibility and effect of an individualized exercise intervention and secondary, oral nutrition intake counseling on Timed-Up-and-Go (TUG) and 30 s Chair Stand Test (CST) as well as body-composition and EuroQol (EQ)-5D-5L, in patients with chronic intestinal failure (IF) type III receiving HPN and/or fluid therapy. 

Methods: A 12-week individualized exercise intervention consisting on three weekly home based sessions, and nutrition counselling focusing on protein intake and reducing high stoma output, was performed. Weekly follow-up by phone was done on motivation to exercise. 

Results: The study invited 71 patients, 44 accepted the invitation (62%), 37(52%) were included, and 31 (84%) completed the intervention. The exercise intervention was well tolerated. TUG improved from 8.9(SD 5.5) to 7.7(SD 3.8) (p = 0.033). CST improved by four repetitions (<0.001∗). A statistical, however not clinically relevant improvement was seen in muscle mass. No improvement was seen in (EQ)-5D-5L total, but insignificantly (p = 0.055) for physical function only. Protein intake improved by 10.6 g/day (p = 0.008). 

Conclusions: A 12 weeks individualized exercise intervention showed very feasible and beneficial in HPN patients. Physical function improved statistically and clinically, and oral protein intake improved. QoL overall did not improve, however COVID-19 was an uninvited partner throughout the study period, which may have influenced general QoL. As only 62% accepted the invitation to participate, home based exercise intervention may not apply to all patients.

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