Liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry for the analysis of phytochemicals in vegetal-derived food and beverages

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  • La Barbera, Giorgia
  • Anna Laura Capriotti
  • Chiara Cavaliere
  • Carmela Maria Montone
  • Susy Piovesana
  • Roberto Samperi
  • Riccardo Zenezini Chiozzi
  • Aldo Laganà

The recent years witnessed a change in the perception of nutrition. Diet does not only provide nutrients to meet the metabolic requirements of the body, but it also constitutes an active way for the consumption of compounds beneficial for human health. Fruit and vegetables are an excellent source of such compounds, thus the growing interest in characterizing phytochemical sources, structures and activities. Given the interest for phytochemicals in food, the development of advanced and suitable analytical techniques for their identification is fundamental for the advancement of food research. In this review, the state of the art of phytochemical research in food plants is described, starting from sample preparation, throughout extract clean-up and compound separation techniques, to the final analysis, considering both qualitative and quantitative investigations. In this regard, from an analytical point of view, fruit and vegetable extracts are complex matrices, which greatly benefit from the use of modern hyphenated techniques, in particular from the combination of high performance liquid chromatography separation and high resolution mass spectrometry, powerful tools which are being increasingly used in the recent years. Therefore, selected applications to real samples are presented and discussed, in particular for the analysis of phenols, polyphenols and phenolic acids. Finally, some hot points are discussed, such as waste characterization for high value-compounds recovery and the untargeted metabolomics approach.

Original languageEnglish
JournalFood Research International
Pages (from-to)28-52
Number of pages25
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Externally publishedYes

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  • Food analysis, High resolution liquid chromatography, High resolution mass spectrometry, Metabolomics, Phenolics, Phytochemicals, Polyphenols

ID: 231310494