De fremtidsløse tager ordet: Klassesamfund, prekariat og velfærdskritik i dansk samtidsprosa

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  • Nicklas Freisleben Lund
’Futureless Children of the Plan’
The article demonstrates how class, inequality and social segregation in recent years have become recurring and significant themes in contemporary Danish literature. Exemplified through the analyses of Kenneth Jensen’s Tragedy plus time (2015), Morten Pape’s The Plan (2015) and Dennis Gade Kofod’s Nancy (2015), the article argues that an increasing number of literary works share a set of thematic, formal and political characteristics. Thus, they are characterized by 1) attempts to map out the precariat – the new underclass; 2) formal innovations of traditional working class literature; and 3) disillusioned portraits of a welfare state that has betrayed its original promises of equality and solidarity.
Original languageDanish
Issue number76
Pages (from-to)s. 27-39, 168
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2016

ID: 166339286