Can occupational health and safety management systems address psychosocial risk factors? An empirical study

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The increasing prevalence of psychosocial risk factors at work poses new challenges to occupational health andsafety management systems (OHSMSs) such as those taking place under EU Framework Directive 89/391. Due tothe wicked nature of psychosocial risks, management of these risks allegedly lag behind management of otherkinds of occupational safety and health risks.Data describing the use of workplace assessments (WPAs) in public workplaces in Denmark (N = 2221) showthat variations in OHSMS components predict actions taken against psychosocial risks even better than they predict actions taken against physical risks.Two factors predict actions taken against psychosocial risks in particular: The use of anonymous data in WPAsand the integration of WPAs into organizational processes such as strategy-making and HR.Thesefindings enforce a sustained belief in systematic organizational approaches to the management ofpsychosocial risk factors
Original languageEnglish
Article number104878
JournalSafety Science
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2020

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  • Faculty of Social Sciences - Occupational Health and Safety Management system, Evaluation of regulation, Evaluation of OHSMS, EU Framework Directive 89/391, Occupational Safety an dHealth, Psychosocial risks

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