Atrial natriuretic peptide orchestrates a coordinated physiological response to fuel non-shivering thermogenesis

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  • Deborah Carper
  • Marine Coué
  • Emmani B M Nascimento
  • Valentin Barquissau
  • Damien Lagarde
  • Carine Pestourie
  • Claire Laurens
  • Justine Vily Petit
  • Maud Soty
  • Laurent Monbrun
  • Marie-Adeline Marques
  • Yannick Jeanson
  • Yannis Sainte-Marie
  • Aline Mairal
  • Sébastien Déjean
  • Geneviève Tavernier
  • Nathalie Viguerie
  • Virginie Bourlier
  • Frank Lezoualc'h
  • Audrey Carrière
  • Wim H M Saris
  • Louis Casteilla
  • Gilles Mithieux
  • Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt
  • Dominique Langin
  • Patrick Schrauwen
  • Cedric Moro
The classical view is that brown adipose tissue (BAT) is mainly activated by the sympathetic nervous system. Carper et al. here demonstrate that the cardiac hormone atrial natriuretic peptide is released upon cold exposure and required to activate BAT thermogenesis and white fat browning in mice and humans.

Atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) is a cardiac hormone controlling blood volume and pressure in mammals. It is still unclear whether ANP controls cold-induced thermogenesis in vivo. Here, we show that acute cold exposure induces cardiac ANP secretion in mice and humans. Genetic inactivation of ANP promotes cold intolerance and suppresses half of cold-induced brown adipose tissue (BAT) activation in mice. While white adipocytes are resistant to ANP-mediated lipolysis at thermoneutral temperature in mice, cold exposure renders white adipocytes fully responsive to ANP to activate lipolysis and a thermogenic program, a physiological response that is dramatically suppressed in ANP null mice. ANP deficiency also blunts liver triglycerides and glycogen metabolism, thus impairing fuel availability for BAT thermogenesis. ANP directly increases mitochondrial uncoupling and thermogenic gene expression in human white and brown adipocytes. Together, these results indicate that ANP is a major physiological trigger of BAT thermogenesis upon cold exposure in mammals.
Original languageEnglish
Article number108075
JournalCell Reports
Issue number8
Number of pages20
Publication statusPublished - 2020

    Research areas

  • Adipocyte, Brown adipose tissue, Lipolysis, Thermogenesis, Uncoupling protein 1

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